Picture this. Your life, but…

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  • Getting the house clean isn’t a losing battle.
  • Meals with your family don’t leave you exhausted.
  • Your kids not only know, but live up to your expectations.
  • Grandma, grandpa, your spouse, your babysitter, and everyone else on your team are literally ALL ON THE SAME PAGE.
  • Sounds like a pretty sweet world right?

Hi! I’m Amie and I developed Social Graces, an app that will empower your family to grow closer, stronger, and more cooperative by getting everyone on the same page when it comes to responsibilities, consequences, rewards and chores.

Between sports, school, attitudes, meetings, deadlines, spousal duties, and housework that never ends, finding balance can feel totally out of reach. I used to get overwhelmed and long for the days when a busy career was the only thing I had on my plate. Then one day, when my oldest girls were fighting, my husband was wrapped up with work, and I was struggling to summit a mountain of dirty dishes, it hit me—parenting is people management. It takes patience, accountability, responsibility, encouragement, nurturing, and teaching (kudos if you caught that acronym).

I realized I could translate my career successes into running my household. With the help of my family, we practiced communicating, setting expectations, and being patient.

And guess what? It worked.  

Social Graces was born out of over a decade of managing professional teams and directing a household. It's a proven blend of communication, encouragement, and positive expectations. And it’s stored on your phone, so it's always on hand. This method has allowed our family to find peace and cooperation in our home. If you feel like you’ve tried everything and it hasn’t made a difference, it’s time for Social Graces. It’s more than an app. It's your roadmap back to sanity and success!