Chore Charts Made Easy

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Does getting your kids to focus on chores feel a bit like herding a pack of wild goats?

Yeah, we get that.

Want a tip?  Try using a chore chart for kids, and watch as your wild herd of goats transforms back into perfect, helpful children.

Social Graces is a family chore app that will help you turn the burden of chores in a rewarding game that your children will be excited about.  No more paper charts stuck to the fridge that nobody remembers to check- Social Graces lives in your phone (which, who are we kidding, is always with you).


Why Social Graces?

Easy Set-Up

 Once you've downloaded the app and created profiles for you, your fellow guardians, and children, Social Graces will lead you through the process of creating contracts with your kids.  There is a list of preset options to choose from, or you can add your own chores. Once you've created your contract, both you and your child agree to it, and then voilà- you're ready to go!  This simple set-up is just one of the reasons it's the best kids chore app.

Easy Rewards System

So you've created and signed a contract with your child and now you’re wondering- why would they be excited about this?  Well, because now they get to create a personalized wishlist! They can search for specific items in the Amazon store (which you can attach to your account), or enter a custom chosen reward.  After they've added items to their wishlist, you can go back into the app to assign appropriate values to each item. Once they've earned enough points, you'll be notified that their item is ready to be redeemed!  If they did choose an item from the Amazon store, all you have to do is add it to your cart, and purchase! Just another easy feature that makes Social Graces the best chore chart app!

Chores are Fun!

 With a family chore app, like Social Graces, chores don't have to be a burden anymore, and your kids won't complain!  After all, making your bed doesn't seem so bad if it can earn you a new set of legos!

Social Graces, the best chore chart app, will transform the way that your family looks at chores.  And it will make your life oh so much easier, too. Who doesn't want that?

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