What makes Social Graces Your Best Buddy?

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Everyone loves a good buddy. There when you need them, and always ready to help you out of tough situations and bring a smile to your face.  And parents? We need buddies too! Social Graces is here to be your best parental monitoring app, aka your best parenting buddy. Full of amazing features and a simple interface, Social Graces makes it easier to monitor your child’s behavior, manners, life skills, and restore peace to your home.


Social Graces, helps you to communicate household expectations clearly to your children, which naturally will help them to develop better behaviors and habits. With the features like a chore chart, reward system, daily log, etc., Social Graces has everything you can think of and more. To begin, all you need to do is create your child’s profile, a mutual contract, and watch the good habits start!  Even better, the app encourages co-parenting by allowing up to 5 guardians to be added as well. This keeps families united and working together.

After you’re done creating profiles, you can make the most out of the app using the

following features:

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√   Create A Chore Chart (A Social Graces Contract)

Social Graces is preloaded with over 100 behaviors, manners, and life skills to choose from to help create a personalized chore chart for your child. Your child will review the contract and sign it, so everyone agrees. Being able to have everyone on the same system allows for consistency, which is crucial.

Social Graces’ chore chart system has made cumbersome paper charts a thing of the past, as it offers a much better, more flexible, and portable version of a chore chart. Daily points are rewarded at the start of every day, and removed if your child isn’t sticking to their end of the bargain. Also, your kids will have fun checking items off their wish list and watching their progress!  Chores will feel like a game!





√   The Best Reward Chart App

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Social Graces is the best reward chart app available in the iOS App Store today.  Children will be incentivized to complete their chores because they’ll be working towards rewards that they’ve added to their own personal wishlists.  Once enough points are earned kids can redeem their items and understand the reward of making good choices. To make things easy on the parent- wish list items can be linked to the Amazon store and purchased with a single click!  However, if your child’s item is a sleepover or dinner date that’s on you. ☺

Social Graces, the best reward chart app, helps you get your kids involved and excited about maintaining household duties and behaviors.

√   Easy Like A Breeze

Creating profiles, setting goals, creating contracts, keeping track of things, daily logs, collecting points, and rewarding the kids – everything can be done through Social Graces. With a great interface, exciting features, and simple layout, Social Graces helps you maintain a system inside and outside the house, with more peace and less hassle. You can also get some effective parenting tips to better your parenting skills in our exclusive community. It’s more than just an app it’s a way of life. Say hello to the Peaceful Parenting of Social Graces.

Get the app today in the iOS App Store and try all its features for a month free!