Pave the Way to Simpler Parenting

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Whether in a corporate setting or at home, if you need to get something done - a reward system is the path of least resistance.  And why make things harder than they need to be?

If you've ever struggled to get your kids to do their chores, we recommend trying a children's reward chart.  Even better, we recommend trying a child reward system app like Social Graces.

Social Graces makes setting goals and rewarding your children for completing them ten times easier and more fun!  It's considered the best chore chart app because of its ease of use and amazing interface for parents and children.


The Social Graces Difference:

√   Easy Assignment of Chores

With Social Graces, you can make different profiles for each member of your family and assign tasks to each person.  Or divide tasks up among the group so everyone can work together. Create a contract with each child that lays out their expected duties for the day, and then assign points, for completed chores.  Each point earned is put towards a reward of their choosing.

√   No More Confused Co-Parenting

This child reward system app is also the best co-parenting app because you can make as many guardian profiles as you need to help you keep track of everyone's daily progress.

√  Happy Kids

After creating a contract, Social Graces allows children to create a wishlist (which you can also connect to the Amazon store).  Once they've created a wishlist, the parent goes back into the app to assign appropriate point values to each item. Points earned every day will be counted towards the top wishlist item.  Social Graces is the best child reward system app because kids become motivated to complete their chores