The Beauty of the Chore Chart


As a parent, and primary person in charge of the home, it can sometimes feel like everything falls on your shoulders.  And why is that? Not all of this laundry is yours! You didn't make all of these dirty dishes! Why should you be the sole person responsible for making sure that household chores are getting taken care of?  You shouldn't! You aren't doing yourself any favors, and you aren't doing any for your kids either, by not instilling the importance of being helpful. Sure, sometimes it can seem like more work than it's worth to get everyone to help you around the house, but in the long run, all that work is worth it.  Not to mention, all that fuss to get everyone to help? Well, we're about to make that a whole lot easier.

Meet Social Graces, your new chores-getting-done-without-you-having-to-ask BFF.  AKA, the best parenting app.

Social Graces makes it easy for you to assign chores to your kids, by way of mutually agreed upon contracts.  And kids will actually want to do said chores because they can earn points towards items on wishlists they set up in their profiles.  And can connect to Amazon. So, all you have to do is admire your clean home, and click "purchase!"

Does rewarding kids for doing their chores set a bad precedent?


Rewards systems help kids stay motivated and excited while what they're actually doing is learning good habits and responsibility.  It also helps instill the benefit of setting a goal (i.e. contract) and completing it.

Maybe one task on the contract is making the bed.  Perhaps when you create this contact, you simply cannot get your child to make their bed.  So you set it as a clear task, and you reward them for completing it. This may not be an item that stays on their contract forever (you can edit contracts at any time), but in the time that it's there, your child will get used to making their bed- it will become a habit.  Not something that you reward forever, but something that you do reward while it's new and potentially frustrating.

Rewards can come in all shapes and sizes, as well.  Movie night, a new toy, maybe ice cream for dessert.  You, as the parent/guardian, are responsible for going into the app after the wishlist has been created and assigning appropriate point values to each item.

Rewarding kids is simply a fun and satisfying way to get them excited about chores!  And using a chore chart app like Social Graces makes it easier than ever.