A Perfect Mothers Day With the Best Parenting App


Make every day Mothers Day with Social Graces, the best parenting app.

You know how when you wake up on Mothers Day and everyone is on their best behavior?  Breakfast is made and dishes are done before you can reach the sink?

I want you to envision for a  moment that every day can be like this.  That your kids wake up and...

...automatically made their bed!

...feed the dog!

...clean up their breakfast dishes!

...All before you even had to ask them to!

Even better?  You don’t have to imagine this.  It’s possible to make every day Mothers Day with Social Graces, the best parenting app.

Here’s how:

What makes Social Graces the best parenting app is that you work together with your kids to decide on the chores they need to complete every day.  Once you’ve completed the contract together, your kids get to create their own wishlist. Wishlist items can be ice cream for dessert, a movie night, a trip to the bookstore, or the new toy they’ve been wanting. Each day, when your child is completing their daily chores, they’re consciously working towards an item that they want.  This incentivizes the chores in the moment, but by performing them daily, they’ll become habitual for your child. Soon clean breakfast dishes won’t just be a Mother’s Day treat- they’ll be an everyday occurrence!

Another thing that makes Social Graces the best parenting app is that you can divide larger tasks between family members by breaking them down and adding them to everyone’s contracts.  Maybe one person collects the laundry, another puts it in the washer and dryer, and a third folds! Big chores can be broken down to create fairness and teamwork.  Never want to do laundry again? That’s a Mother’s Day wish if we’ve ever heard one.

Maybe your perfect Mother’s Day is to be able to call a babysitter while you hit the spa- and not come home to piles of unfinished homework and tales about how the kids wouldn’t eat their dinner.  Set your babysitter (and yourself) up for success by having them create a Social Graces profile and attaching it to your child’s. That way, they’ll know exactly what your expectations are for your kids while you’re gone, and they’ll even be able to assign points for completed chores!  Being able to link five guardian profiles to your child’s account is just another reason why Social Graces is the best parenting app.

On Mothers Day you should feel special and taken care of by your family.  But shouldn’t you feel like that every day? With the best parenting app around, you can.  Let Social Graces help you make Mother’s Day every day.