Bring Peace to Your Home with the Social Graces App


Are you a parent or guardian?  If so, chances are, you'll need some help here and there.  Probably, if you're reading this post, you've already started looking.

What if we said we had a drama-free way to get your kids to help with housework?  To get your whole family to work together on projects at home? If you could assign tasks to your kids and have any easy way to check if they're keeping up with what you've asked?  What if you had personal contracts at home that everyone knew to follow- without argument?

What if all of this could be at the touch of your fingertips?

It can- with the Social Graces app.

So what exactly is Social Graces and what does it do?  So glad you asked!

Social Graces is an app that provides an interactive platform for families to communicate, set daily expectations, keep track of goals, and maintain consistency across everyone who might be on your parenting team.


Here Are a Few Features:

Daily Expectations Contracts:

Do you want your kids to help out around the house with chores, but are tired of having to nag them to do so?  Do you want to establish daily tasks and behaviors that need to be met, like making your bed in the morning, or being respectful?

This is where the Daily Expectations Contract comes in.  You sit down with your child and establish ten expectations, including life skills, behaviors or manners for them to complete daily, and then your child  signs the contract. Once the contract has been created and signed, your child can create a wishlist for which you will assign a point value to each item.  At the end of every day, you will evaluate which of the daily expectations were met, and assign points. Once your child has earned enough points, they can redeem the top item from their wishlist!

Easy Collaboration with Family Members:

Social Graces helps you keep your family involved in the household together.  With different task assignments for each person, everyone in the family will have a hand in making sure that things get done.

Not to mention, you can create up to five guardian profiles, so grandparents and caretakers can have access to daily expectations charts as well.  No more babysitting confusion!

Conflict Talking Points:

Communication is at the root of success for Social Graces.  Because of this, we've added a section of talking points in the app to help ease the process of talking through conflict with your family.


Social Graces has a community tab for parents to be able to reach out to others for advice or to share parenting wins.  Have questions? Want to shout to the rooftops about how cool your kid is? This is the place.


Social Graces is here to make communication easier and to set you and your child up for success!  Ready to take the headache out of chores? Find us in the app store.