Communicating With Your Parenting Team Using the Best Co-Parenting App


Let’s talk about co-parenting and parenting teams for a bit, shall we? I think that we can all acknowledge that parenting alone is HARD (shoutout to all of the single parents out there - you are inspiring!). If you’re fortunate enough to have other people on your parenting team, chances are, you find them invaluable. I know I do.

But keeping open lines of communication with everyone? Making sure chores are completed, homework gets done on time, and certain behavior agreements are met? Well, that can get a bit tricky.

With Social Graces, the best co-parenting app, you can have up to five guardian profiles linked to your child's’ account. That means you can have your significant other/ex-significant other, grandpa, grandma, the babysitter, and your child’s teacher all staying up to date on the behaviors and chores that you want to focus on.

Let’s Take a Look at How Social Graces, the Best Co-Parenting App, Can Help Organize Your Parenting Team:


  • Teachers at School

In terms of behavior, imagine how helpful it would be if your child’s teacher were able to add and subtract points for the day, based on their behavior in school. Particularly in working with children who have behavior problems, this can be a very helpful tool to ensure that parent, child, and teacher are all on the same page. Not mention, since Social Graces is a child reward system app, children will be more motivated to behave well in the classroom because they’ll be working towards a specific wishlist item they want. It’s one thing if you can monitor points at home, but that’s only helpful at home. But if their teacher has access to the app, they can monitor behavior at school, and ensure the best reward chart app will work out of the home as well.

  • Grandma and Grandpa

Grandma and grandpa are some of the best babysitters around, aren’t they? No one will love your children more, and it’s comfortable for everyone to move back and forth between houses because everyone’s family! The only drawback about grandma and grandpa?  Well...sometimes they can be a bit soft. They’re done with their disciplining days! They raised you, after all, didn’t they? Now, if they want to give your kids ice cream before dinner, well, why not? Except that maybe ice cream for dessert is a reward that you’d set up for days when homework was finished before dinner? How to prevent grandma and grandpa from spoiling your children?  Get them set up on Social Graces, the best co-parenting app.  The simple interface is easy for them to navigate and will keep them up to date on the child reward system app contract that you’ve signed with your child.  Which means, if there’s ice cream before dinner, it’s because everyone got their homework done!

  • The Babysitter

Much like grandma and grandpa, the babysitter probably struggles with getting your kids to do all of the things that you’d like for them to do.  Partially, because they aren’t you, and will inevitably have a harder time getting your kids to listen. By creating a guardian profile for them on Social Graces, the best co-parenting app, they’ll not only be able to see what rules your children should be following and chores they should be getting done, but they’ll also be able to add and subtract points based on behavior.  Children will be motivated to listen because they want to earn the rewards they’ve set up on Social Graces, the best child reward system app.

  • Your Significant Other/Ex-Significant Other

Perhaps the most important of all the categories, making sure that you and your parenting partner (whatever the situation) are on the same page is crucial to using a child rewards system app and ensuring that your child is getting consistent information from both parents.  Both parents can sit down and create the contract with the child, so everyone is in agreement, and then both parents are responsible for adding and subtracting points based on agreed-upon behaviors and chores. No more good parent/bad parent!  Everyone is on the same page!

Download Social Graces today if you haven’t yet, from the iOS App Store and start seeing how the best reward chart app can turn communicating with your parenting team from stressful to simple!