No Sunday Scaries With the Best Parenting App

It's Sunday, family chore day. The afternoon is rolling around, and the house is still a mess. No one wants to do their chores, and you don't feel like nagging them to get them done either.

Does this sound familiar?

Getting your kids to finish their weekly chores has to be the least enjoyable way to spend a Sunday afternoon. And it can become a cyclical weekly practice that's hard to break, especially if you don’t feel like nagging. After all, it IS more fun to play with your toys than to put them away.

Social Graces, the best parenting app is here to help and turn your Sunday’s into the family rest day they’re meant to be. How? By incentivizing your children to be on their best behavior and complete daily chores throughout the week, so they don’t build up for Sunday. This easy reward system also makes Social Graces the best reward chart app.

Social Graces takes the normal chore chart system that you might stick to your fridge and delivers you a simple -reward chart app for iPhone- making your life that much easier. No longer do you need to remember to add stars for chores completed (or often forgotten), no need to spin a chore wheel to make everything seem fun. Keeping track of your families' goals is as easy as opening an app and adding points. And you won’t have to work to make it seem fun, because kids will already be excited about it- part of what Social Graces the best reward chart app.

After downloading the app, parents sit down with their children and create behavior and chore contracts. This is particularly effective because each item should be discussed and agreed upon by parents and children, so there isn’t any need for debate at a later date. Chore contract items can range from making the bed to reading for 15 minutes every day, to not talking back.  Whatever you feel that you need to work on with your child should be discussed and added to the contract. Each child starts the day with ten points and more points are added and lost throughout the day based on behavior and chores completed. Accumulated points earn rewards from an in-app wishlist that children create. The wishlist system makes Social Graces the best reward chart app because kids can track their progress towards rewards, which will make them more incentivized to earn more points. And more points for them equals a more peaceful home for you, so we’d call that a win-win!

Social Graces is a reward chart app for iPhone and can be found in the iOS store. Download today to start shooing away the Sunday Scaries!