Tips for Parenting Difficult Children


It goes without saying, that not all children are the same.  And if you are the parent/guardian of multiple children, then you know that each child is wonderful for different reasons, and...well, challenging to parent for others.  Luckily, Social Graces is full of helpful tips & tricks for parenting difficult children!

First of all, if your children are misbehaving or acting out, it's important to try to identify why they're doing this.

Ask them:

  • Is everything okay at school?
  • Is something bothering you?
  • Did someone (family and guardians included) do something to hurt/offend you?
  • Do you want to do something that you're unable to do?  Can I help?

Oftentimes, if your child is having a difficult time expressing themselves, or maybe hasn't even identified for themselves what's bothering them, talking it through can solve the problem.

Occasionally you'll need to go a step further or try a different direction.


  • Taking your kids outdoors, or signing them up for something active like karate, soccer, or swimming.  Make sure you pick something that they'll like. It's possible that they're acting out due to an excess of energy.
  • If a pointed conversation didn't work, take them for a drive or to run errands with you.  Just talk to them. Sometimes conversations are more comfortable to have when you don't feel pressured.
  • Bring home a new board game or a project they'll enjoy.  Something that will take their mind off of what is frustrating them, until they can talk about it.  Maybe after some time, it won't be so frustrating anymore.
  • Get them to help you around the house so that they can channel their energy into something positive and rewarding.   (We obviously recommend Social Graces for this because it's the best chore chart app by far!)

With a little patience, difficult children aren't so difficult after all.  Often what they need is to be heard. So listen.