Social Graces Parenting Tips for Children and Teens



Parenting children and teens are two different beasts entirely. Just when you think you've gotten everything figured out, they no longer need rides to and from soccer games, and instead, they're driving themselves. The game has changed, and you're just trying to keep up. Lucky for you, Social Graces, the best reward chart app, is here to help.


Because while it feels like everything is changing, some parenting tips that will always ring true. Here is our list of top parenting tips for children no matter the age.


  1. Communication: Communication is one of the most important things that you can establish between your children and yourself. Communicating with your children prevents misunderstandings, arguments, and most importantly, helps them understand and appreciate the things you ask of them.  Instead of just saying “Take out the trash” and having to hear potential pushback about not wanting to, it’s very easy to say “Will you please take out the trash because there are chicken bones in it and I don’t want the dog to get to them.” This is a very simplified example, but it clearly lays out what you want, why, and sets an expectation for a timeline.  Your child can take in all of this in, process it, and then rationalize why you’re asking this of them. You aren’t nagging; you’re plainly explaining the situation and asking for help to remedy it. Not to mention, it sounds a lot better to hear the long explanation, then to have someone say to you: “take out the trash!” This same communication is imperative when using a reward chart app for iPhone, like Social Graces.  Social Graces is the best reward chart app because it requires that you and your child discuss, and agree on each item in your child’s contract, so they can understand why it’s on the list and they’ll be more inclined to comply.

  2. Structure: Necessitating structure in your home is crucial to providing your children with a safe place to grow and develop.  Structure can mean different things to different families, but it can be as simple as having dinner at five o’clock every night.  It is setting consistent standards and daily habits that your child can rely on, which in turn will make them feel safe. Growing up and exploring the world is an overwhelming thing for children and teens to process - having home and family be a reliable and safe place is imperative for a child’s healthy development. The reason that reward chart apps for iPhone are so helpful is that they help you maintain this structure for your family. Each day, your child has the same expectations to meet. They understand what you expect of them and are set up to succeed.

  3. Positive Reinforcement: Positive Reinforcement is the key to making Social Graces the best rewards chart app because we really believe that it matters.  Not only does positive reinforcement help keep children excited and incentivized to keep doing their best, but it’s also just nice. Letting your children know that you appreciate them and their hard work will make them feel happy and appreciated. Using a reward chart app for iPhone like Social Graces is a great way to ensure that you maintain positive reinforcement.

  4. Consistency: This is the last and most important tip we have because it ties together with all of the others.  Communication, structure, and positive reinforcement work best if they’re CONSISTENT. It doesn’t do any good to have structure and a schedule for one week and then abandon it the next. The same goes for positive reinforcement. If there’s something that you want your child to work on, say making the bed, you need to consistently offer them praise when they do it so that they can recognize that it matters and that you appreciate their efforts. To use a reward chart app for iPhone successfully, the same consistency is important.  The daily addition of points and immediate purchase of wishlist items shows that you’re putting as much effort into this system as you’re asking your child to do.