How it Works

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√   Get the App

The Social Graces app is currently available for iOS users in the Apple Store.

√   Create Profiles

Mom, Dad, and kids all get their own profile. Plus, add teachers, nannies, or other members of your childcare team. It takes a village!

√   Make Contracts

Talk with your family about expectations and responsibilities. Kids can't meet your expectations if they don't know what they are.

√   Set Up a Wishlist

Positive reinforcement leads to better learning. Set up a wishlist that links to Amazon right in the app, so it's easy for parents.

√   Log Daily Points

Empower best behaviors--kids start every day with 10 new points, which are only lost by not following through on agreements.

√   Reinforce Good Choices

Points add up daily and kids earn their way to the reward of their choosing.

√   Watch the Magic Happen

Doors of communication open up, kids learn to take initiative and responsibility, and finally there's room for quality family time. Success!